Canada marks World Hypertension Day

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Dr. Nadia Khan, CHÉOS Scientist and President of Hypertension Canada, contributed her expertise to media coverage of World Hypertension Day, noting the increasing prevalence of hypertension in youth on and informed the public on symptoms and prevention measures for the condition on Morning Live.




Foundry youth mental health clinics fundraise to expand B.C.-wide

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CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Steve Mathias talked about the vision for Foundry North Shore — integrating health and social — as an accessible and supportive service for youth, as philanthropists pledged to match donations in a fundraising effort.
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Plan sponsors bracing for onset of new orphan drugs

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Dr. Larry Lynd, CHÉOS Scientist and Professor at UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, discussed how costly new orphan drugs, which treat rare conditions, are putting a strain on benefits providers and are often inaccessible to patients.
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Addiction experts urge expansion of medical heroin program in Canada

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CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes and Martin Schechter echoed addiction experts from Europe, who gathered at a symposium in Vancouver to discuss data from clinical trials and treatment, in urging Canada to expand the availability of the medical-grade heroin treatment currently offered only at Crosstown Clinic.
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