CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Bohdan Nosyk, Health Economists Emanuel Krebs and Benjamin Enns, and Statistician Jeong E Min have been awarded the 2020 Paper of the Year from Tufts Medical Center’s Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health.

The paper, published in Lancet HIV, was chosen from a competitive pool of 25 high-quality submissions for its methodological quality, timeliness, and potential influence on policy or clinical decision-making.

The study was led by Dr. Nosyk and involved an economic model to examine cost-effectiveness of combination strategies of 16 evidence-based HIV-related interventions across six cities in the U.S. The study found substantial public health and economic value of delivering optimal combination strategies. It also highlighted some challenges (e.g., social and structural barriers to HIV care) to reaching U.S. national targets by 2030.

“It’s an honour to receive this award in recognition of our team’s hard work,” said Dr. Nosyk. “I’d like to highlight the big roles Emanuel Krebs and Xiao Zang played in writing this paper.”

Krebs, who joined CHÉOS in early 2021 as a health economist, is in the process of completing his PhD in Health Economics at Simon Fraser University (SFU). His research focuses on evaluation in HIV/AIDS and substance use disorder. He is an expert in applied econometrics using administrative data and model-based health economic evaluation.

Dr. Xiao Zang, who was completing his PhD at SFU while working on this paper, has since accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the department of epidemiology at Brown University. His areas of focus include cost-effectiveness analysis, mathematical modelling, and sensitivity analyses.

In light of the increasing amount of cost-effectiveness research in academia, this award from Tufts Medical Centre was launched to highlight the most important and impactful research in the field and to promote the findings to a wider audience, including policy-makers.