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Benchmarks in colorectal surgery: multinational study to define quality thresholds in high and low anterior resection

Br J SurgSeptember 08, 2022 Cancer Surgery & Procedures

Staiger RD, Rössler F, Kim MJ, Brown C, Trenti L, Sasaki T, Uluk D, Campana JP, Giacca M, Schiltz B, Bahadoer RR, Lee KY, Kupper BEC, Hu KY, Corcione F, Paredes SR, Spampati S, Ukegjini K, Jedrzejczak B, Langer D, Stakelum A, Park JW, Phang PT, Biondo S, Ito M, Aigner F, Vaccaro CA, Panis Y, Kartheuser A, Peeters KCMJ, Tan KK, Aguiar S, Ludwig K, Bracale U, Young CJ, Dziki A, Ryska M, Winter DC, Jenkins JT, Kennedy RH, Clavien PA, Puhan MA, Turina M

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