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Obtaining Access to Cerner


Download summary document cheat sheet here.


If you are on the Health Authority intranet

  • Locate and complete the online form via PHC Connect. This can be located through the “Programs and Services” section of the main PHC Connect page, under “PCIS”.
  • Additional information from the PCIS page:
    • Manager or delegate must complete the online CST Cerner Access Request form  as soon as possible. All users now require their own computer login. This information must be provided on the form. Examples: infosys\jsmith, vch\jsmith, vrhb\jsmith, or phsabc\jsmith.
    • The E-form is sent to Access and Provisioning and the Learning teams at CST and PCIS Access and Training teams, who enroll the user in the appropriate e-learning modules and classroom course(s).
    • The user then receives an email from and Learning Hub alerts with course registration information.
    • Users will also receive view-only access to the legacy system SCM.

If you are remote and have remote access set up

If you do not have remote access and need to request it

  • You will need to be on the Health Authority intranet and then go to the IMITs Catalogue through either PCH Connect (“Programs and Services” à “Computers, Phones, Technology”) or direct link.
  • If you are already remote and cannot access the intranet – call IMITs support line at (604) 806-9333 to request access.

Requesting a study/clinical trial to be configured in Cerner


Call the CST Cerner Support Line

  • Call the CST Cerner support line at (604) 806-9333 (press 2, then 1). Describe what you require and ensure the call taker understands it relates to research. This will then be passed on to the CST & PHC Clinical Informatics teams to follow up on.

Accessing CST Cerner Help Topics


For those that have access to Cerner

  • For those that have access to Cerner, help topics and reference guides can be found here. Note that this site is available outside the Health Authority intranet as well – no remote access required.​

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