Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences

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CHÉOS produces high-quality evidence to make informed changes to the health care system.

Scientists Drs. Hubert Wong and Ehsan Karim analyze data on computer, medical device clinical studies

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CHÉOS answers the big questions, to make big changes to the health care system.




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About Us

Bridging the gap between data, research, and care, CHÉOS is a collaboration between cross-disciplinary scientists and expert research staff evaluating the effectiveness of health interventions at the population level. From assessing the cost-effectiveness of a new drug or treatment option to informing policy decisions that change how care is delivered, CHÉOS seeks to improve health outcomes for all.

Our People

CHÉOS investigators are known for the high calibre of research they undertake. The Centre is comprised of over 130 staff members and more than 75 scientists who are experts in their fields, including Canada Research Chairs, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholars, and Canadian Institutes of Health Research Investigators.

Research and Services

What We Do

The combination of our Scientist’s diverse expertise and the support departments that specialize in every part of the research process makes CHÉOS a unique and innovative hub for health research.

Our Research


The work of our scientists and staff is often found in the pages of top journals.
Each year, we publish over 300 peer-reviewed papers.


CHÉOS investigators and research support staff are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Current projects include examining mental wellness during a pandemic, the impact of school disruptions, treatment options for COVID-19 and identifying workplace risks that may increase the risk of transmission to paramedics. Our investigators have also shared their expertise in a number of areas related to the pandemic.

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Upcoming Events

As a member of the health research community, CHÉOS is proud to support and promote research-related events and seminars happening around the country.