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Walkalong: A Mental Health Portal Aimed at Improving Mental Wellness

Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Krausz

Status: Ongoing

The CHÉOS Addiction and Concurrent Disorders Group, led by Dr. Michael Krausz, have created WalkAlong, a mental health portal aimed at improving mental wellness in young Canadians. The website contains interactive, personalized measurement tools; self-help exercises; and online and local resources.

Users can track their mental health using the Life Chart feature; hear stories and experiences of others; and read the latest news about mental health and related research. The platform has almost 2,500 registered users. Almost 60 per cent of all visitors to the site are Canadian, but there are a large number of users from the U.S., Brazil, U.K., Australia, China, and Germany.

An updated version of WalkAlong is scheduled to launch soon, which includes additional content focused on substance use and trauma. The team is currently developing new digital tools to provide personalized feedback for users, and is intending to pilot a game-based tool focusing on stress management. Funding for this project was provided through Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk Initiative.

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