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Additional Affiliations

Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Head, Division of Health in Populations, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Interim Associate Director—Research, Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health, UBC

Research Interests
  • Sexual and drug-related harms associated with injection drug use
  • Vulnerabilities of young Aboriginal drug users

Dr. Patricia Spittal is an anthropologist whose work addresses HIV-related vulnerabilities of marginalized communities living in both resource-rich and resource-poor countries. She is the principal investigator of The Cedar Project, a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)-funded initiative that is looking to understand the sexual and drug-related vulnerabilities of Aboriginal youth who use drugs. She and her research team from Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Kampala, Uganda and Lacor Hospital, Gulu, also received CIHR funding to establish a similar prospective cohort in Northern Uganda called the “Cango Lyec Project” (Healing the Elephant) that addresses the HIV vulnerabilities of people affected by conflict in Northern Uganda.

Dr. Spittal recently worked with a multidisciplinary team, proposing the development of a new Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health. This was recently approved by the University of British Columbia (UBC) Senate and she has been appointed Interim Associate Director of Research of the new centre. She is also the head of the UBC School of Population and Public Health’s Health in Populations division.

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