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Clinical Research Team

Agnes (Aggie) Black

MPH, BSN, BA, Research Associate

Erin Cherban

M.Sc., Chief Clinical Research Officer

Alison Hoens

M.Sc., BScPT, Research Associate

Lillian Hung

RN, PhD, Research Associate

Jayamarx Jayaraman

MBBS, MPH, CCRP, CCRA, Project Manager

Salima Jutha

B.Sc., Project Manager

Leslie Love

B.Sc., CCRP, Senior Project Manager

Tara Martin

B.Sc., Study Coordinator

Judy Needham

PhD, Project Manager

Shoshana Parker

B.MLSc., DMLT, CCRP, Project Manager

Kristin Westland

MA, CRM, CPA, CMA, Director of Operations

Laura Zunino

BSc, CCRP, Project Manager

Health research in the heart of Vancouver