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Work in Progress Seminar: Measuring what’s important to the quality of life of people with life-limiting illness: The ongoing development and use of the McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire

October 25, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Hurlburt Auditorium, St. Paul's Hospital
1081 Burrard Street

Robin Cohen, PhD
Research Director and Full Professor, Program of Palliative Care, McGill University

Robin Cohen obtained her PhD. in Experimental Psychology from McGill University, where she is a Professor in the Departments of Oncology and Medicine. She is the Research Director in the Oncology Department’s Program in Palliative Care and a Staff Investigator at the Lady Davis Research Institute of Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. She has focused her research on optimizing the quality of life of palliative care patients and that of their family caregivers. One aspect of her research program is the development of measures of their quality of life (MQOL: McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire; QOLLTI-F: Quality of Life in Life-Threatening Illness – Family Caregiver version), both used internationally. Other aspects include intervention development and testing, including for existential wellbeing and meaning in life, for both patient and family caregiver while the patient is alive, and during bereavement.

She has helped develop palliative care research in Canada through leading the NCIC Sociobehavioural Cancer Research Network Palliative Care Team, the CIHR/NCIC Palliative Care Strategic Training program in Health Research, and co-leading the CIHR New Emerging Team in Family Caregiving in Palliative and End of Life Care.

Rick Sawatzky, PhD, RN
Professor, School of Nursing, Trinity Western University
Scientist and Program Head – Patient-Reported Outcomes, CHÉOS

Measuring what’s important to the quality of life of people with life-limiting illness: The ongoing development and use of the McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire

Can there be a good quality of life with a life-limiting illness? What special concerns are there for measuring QOL at this stage of life, and what domains need to be included? We’ll begin by briefly describing the 20-year history of the McGill Quality of Life (MQOL) Questionnaire, a person-reported outcome measure of the quality of life of people with a life-limiting illness developed with the help of St. Paul’s Hospital. It has been widely used in palliative care studies, in part because of the inclusion of the existential domain along with the more widely measured domains. We’ll then discuss our recent work to create the MQOL-Revised and MQOL-Expanded. Points for discussion include challenges, potential solutions, and valid uses of person-reported outcome measures in clinical practice and monitoring of service outcomes.

Work in Progress (WiP) presentations take place at St. Paul’s Hospital in the Hurlburt Auditorium on alternating Wednesdays from 12:00–1:00 PM. These seminars provide investigators with an opportunity to present ongoing research, obtain feedback from colleagues and peers, and make new connections for their projects. Talks are open, and a light lunch is served.

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