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Work in Progress Seminar: Dr. Peter Dodek

January 17, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Hurlburt Auditorium, St. Paul's Hospital
1081 Burrard Street

Peter Dodek, MD, M.HSc.
Scientist, CHÉOS
Professor, Division of Critical Care, Department of Medicine, UBC

Moving from Moral Distress to Moral Action in Intensive Care Units

Moral distress is intense stress that develops when professionals believe they know what is the right thing to do but feel powerless to act because of internal or external constraints. This problem has reached an alarming prevalence in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), particularly in nurses. Common causes of moral distress include end-of-life controversies and inconsistent care plans. Consequences include absenteeism, burnout, and attrition. There is almost no empirical evidence about how to prevent or treat moral distress.  Given that this is ‘social problem’, it likely requires a ‘social solution’. Participatory action research is an approach to solving social problems. Dr. Peter Dodek and his team are using this approach in their current CIHR-funded research on this topic. The intervention is a structured moral conflict assessment in 4 ICUs which helps participants characterize their moral distress and leads them to discover and test their own solutions. Effectiveness will be assessed by repeat moral conflict assessments and focus groups at the end of this 2-year project.

Work in Progress (WiP) presentations take place at St. Paul’s Hospital in the Hurlburt Auditorium on alternating Wednesdays from 12:00–1:00 PM. These seminars provide investigators with an opportunity to present ongoing research, obtain feedback from colleagues and peers, and make new connections for their projects. Talks are open, and a light lunch is served.

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