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Work in Progress Seminar: Dr. David Whitehurst

February 28, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Hurlburt Auditorium, St. Paul's Hospital
1081 Burrard Street

David Whitehurst, PhD
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU

Economic evaluation provides a framework to inform decisions, and key inputs for any evaluation comprise evidence about the costs and benefits of alternative courses of action. Conventionally, in the context of health care, these inputs focus on costs to the health care system and benefits in terms of care recipients’ health outcomes. This presentation will provide an overview of a growing area of research in the field of economic evaluation, work that challenges the conventions of valuing benefits in terms of health (and only health) and the explicit focus on outcomes experienced by the patient/individual (and only the patient/individual).

Work in Progress (WiP) presentations take place at St. Paul’s Hospital in the Hurlburt Auditorium on alternating Wednesdays from 12:00–1:00 PM. These seminars provide investigators with an opportunity to present ongoing research, obtain feedback from colleagues and peers, and make new connections for their projects. Talks are open, and a light lunch is served.

View the 2017-2018 WiP schedule.

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