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PHC Knowledge Translation (KT) Community of Practice

September 17, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Conference Room 6
Level 1
Conference Centre

Patient Oriented Knowledge Translation (PO-KT): What does this mean?

Lynne Feehan, PT PhD
Knowledge Translation Lead, BC, SUPPORT Unit

This presentation will explore the relationship, overlap and synergies between patient-oriented research (POR) and knowledge translation (KT). As well, we will consider some challenges and opportunities with supporting patient (family, care-givers) engagement in KT activities. Moving from a focus on patient engagement in the research process (i.e. patient-oriented knowledge creation) to also supporting patient engagement across the full KT spectrum; including patient- oriented knowledge syntheses, dissemination, implementation and other KT practices.


If joining by webinar: (webinar space opens at 11:45 AM). You will need a computer (or smart phone or tablet) AND an internet connection. Audio teleconference option is also available.
A few minutes before the meeting start time:

  1. Click the Meeting Link:
  2. Once connected to WebEx online, connect to the audio broadcast
    1. Click the Connect to Audio button. If you have a microphone and speakers, select Call Using Computer.
    2. PLEASE NOTE: There is no telephone call-in option for this webinar. If you use the number indicated at the meeting link, long distance charges will apply.
  3.  If needed, the meeting number is 804 748 127.

IMPORTANT – WebEx webinar will run on the following operating systems and internet browsers: Windows 7 and newer, Mac OS X 10.7 and newer; Internet Explorer 7 and newer, Firefox (latest), Safari 5 and newer; Google Chrome (latest; **recommended for health authority computers)

For more details, please email Aggie Black (Director, Health Services & Clinical Research and KT) –

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