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2018 CESBC Evaluation Conference

November 30, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
2018 CESBC Evaluation Conference

What’s in your Evaluation Toolbox?

Evaluation practice is rapidly evolving and new tools and methods are constantly emerging. What’s a busy evaluator to do? Come learn from your peers!

The 2018 CESBC Evaluation Conference is being held in Vancouver, BC, on Friday, November 30. This conference is about opening up our evaluation toolboxes and sharing with each other what we know and what we’ve learned. The goal is for every attendee to come away from the conference with something new to apply in their work. The conference is an opportunity to strengthen skill sets, build up your network of evaluators, and make new connections. Our focus is on building CESBC’s culture as an innovative and supportive evaluation community.

CHÉOS is a sponsor of CESBC 2018. The conference will be followed by the CESBCY Annual General Meeting (4:30–5:40 PM).

Health research in the heart of Vancouver