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CIHR March Operating Grant competition

Congratulations to all of our scientists who were successful in the CIHR March 2014 Operating Grant competition!

CHÉOS Director Dr. Aslam Anis is a co-investigator on a project led by CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network Co-Director Dr. Marina Klein and members of the Canadian Co-Infection Cohort (CCC). This study will explore the impact of new drugs in the setting of HIV-HCV co-infection. This one-year operating grant will allow the CCC to use the social, drug/alcohol use, disease status and treatment data they have collected from 1,248 participants in 18 centres across Canada to study models of care for HCV treatments, how treatment can improve health and reduce health care use, and if there are health economic benefits of new therapies.

CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Nick Bansback and Najib Ayas are co-investigators on a three-year study that will assess and compare a multitude of factors in both continuous or automatic positive airway pressure and mandibular advancement splints, both treatments for obstructive sleep apnea. Drs. Ayas and Bansback will collaborate with principal investigators Drs. Fernanda Almeida and Nelly Huynh, and co-investigators Drs. John Fleetham, Gilles Lavigne, Alan Lowe, Jean-Francois Masse, and Frederic Series on “Adherence and preference of continuous positive airway pressure versus mandibular advancement splints in obstructive sleep apnea patients: A randomized trial.” Researchers will assess objective adherence, patient preference, treatment efficacy, sleepiness, and quality of life for both treatments.

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Nick Bansback is a co-investigator on a three-year study titled, “Surgical assessment: Measuring unobserved health,” that will characterize patients experiencing lengthy wait times between referral from a primary care provider to time of surgical consultation—a wait time not reported by usual surgical wait time measures. Researchers, led by principal investigator Dr. Jason Sutherland, will explore how quality of life and patient health changes during this time; the study aims to provide information on patients’ self-reported health, knowledge about their condition and options for treatment, as well as who, how long, and why these individuals are waiting for surgical assessment. Drs. Trafford Crump and Kevin Wing are co-investigators on the study.

A group of researchers, led by Principal Investigators are Drs. Michael Walsh, Philip Devereaux, and Ron Wald, have received a CIHR Operating Grant: INMD Start-Up funding for their project, “Protection of the Heart with Aldosterone antagoniSm Evaluation (PHASE 2)” trial. Researchers will study if spironolactone, a drug effective at reducing heart-related deaths and hospitalizations, has benefits for patients with kidney failure. One of our Scientists, Dr. Adeera Levin, is a co-investigator on this grant, on behalf of her colleagues in the UBC Division of Nephrology.

Dr. Linda Li has received a CIHR Operating Grant: Knowledge to Action for her project, “Supporting Physical Activity & Reducing Sedentary Time in Arthritis (SuPRA).” Researchers will develop a communication and social network application to help adults track their physical activity and assess its effects for improving physical activity in people with knee osteoarthritis. Co-Principal Investigators are Dr. Diane Gromala and Knowledge User Greg Noonan.

Dr. Larry Lynd is a Co-Principal Investigator, with Dr. Tammy Clifford from CADTH, on a CIHR Partnerships for Health System Improvement and MSFHR Health Services and Policy Research Support Network Partnership Program grant. Their project, ”iFOCUSS,” will identify future challenges of the development of drug coverage decision-making models relation to funding of therapies for rare diseases, and use findings to propose priority-setting and decision-making policy alternatives for expensive drugs for rare diseases.

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Joel Singer is a co-investigator on a five-year randomized controlled trial to investigate therapeutic strategies for early-onset (EO) intra-uterine growth retardation (IUGR). Drs. Peter von Dadelszen and Kenneth Lim are Principal Investigators for “The Canadian STRIDER Trial: Sildenafil for dismal prognosis IUGR.”

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