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Dr. Sawatzky presents PROMs research in Europe

By November 30, 2012 News No Comments

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Rick Sawatzky travelled to Europe in October and November to present his research on the analysis of response shift in patient reported outcomes measurement. First, Dr. Sawatzky visited Budapest, Hungary, where he attended the International Society for Quality of Life Research’s 19th annual conference. He gave two presentations, one of which was presented alongside CHÉOS postdoctoral fellow Dr. Anne Gadermann.

Dr. Sawatzky then visited the University of Gothenburg in Vasastan, Sweden, where he offered a seminar on “The Use of Latent Class Analysis for Response Shift Detection” at the Centre for Patient-Centred Care as part of an ongoing research collaboration. He also visited the Palliative Research Centre at Ersta Sköndal University College in Stockholm, where he was an invited speaker at a discussion forum titled, “Spirituality, religiosity and the existential—What’s the difference?”

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