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CHÉOS staff and scientists awarded Research Challenge funding

A number of staff and scientists from CHÉOS have been awarded funding in Providence Health Care’s (PHC) Second Annual Practice-Based 2012 Research Challenge.

The PHC Practice-based Research Challenge is designed to support point-of-care staff who do not necessarily have research experience. The Challenge provides an opportunity for point-of-care nurses and allied health professionals to try their hand at conducting small-scale research projects to answer questions about their own clinical practice, with the goal of enhancing evidence-informed practice and improve patient outcomes. Selected teams received up to $4000 in funding to conduct their research projects over the coming year.

11 teams in total received funding, four of which included CHÉOS staff and investigators. The award recipients include:

Team 1, Karin Christensen, Karen Pott, Aiko Yamamoto, mentored by Sherri Hayden and CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Rick Sawatzky: “Anxiety in the elderly: a treatable condition that is being missed?”

Team 2—Janice Muir, Pat Munro, Lisa Orlandi, Linsey Woo, Angus Kinkade, Julian Marsden, Beena Parappilly, CHÉOS Scientist Eric Grafstein, mentored by Anne Dewar: “Can a Nurse Initiated Pain Protocol (NIPP) improve pain management in the Emergency Department?”

Team 3—Maureen Berner, Dora Ng, mentored by CHÉOS Director of Operations Kristin Westland: “Intensive dietician follow-up to a carbohydrate counting class to improve diabetic patients’ ability to carbohydrate count.”

Team 15—Michele Trask, Dave Morrison, Gillian Carter, Mercedeh Kiaii, Stan Marchuk, Camille Rozon, Huinfang (Afia) Min, Fong Huynh, mentored by CHÉOS Scientist Martha Mackay: “Evaluation of an intervention to enhancing in-centre hemodialysis patients’ self-care ability.”

In addition, CHÉOS methodologists Joseph Puyat, Ruth Lavergne, Dr. Joel Singer and Dr. Hubert Wong were pleased to be able to assist many of the teams with their project methodologies. Congratulations to all!

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